History of the REBELS Auto Club

In the fall of 1955, 30 young men gathered to form an auto club, which they named The REBELS Auto Club of Lincoln, NE. The membership increased to better than 70 in a few weeks. Today, the REBELS are one of the most active clubs in operation.

The original objective of the REBELS was to promote safe driving and the true meaning of hot rodding. In the desire to promote safer, more courteous driving, the club worked on many city projects which included the assistance to the Lincoln Safety Council and conducting the annual "Citywide Circle of Safety Vehicle Safety Check".

Back in the day, there were rules! You had to be16, have a valid drivers license and own a car with at least 3 modifications. Dues were $.50 a month, and you had to be current to run the drag strip at the old airport out on Highway 77. 

In April 1960, the REBELS received national recognition in Hot Rod Magazine as they were featured as the "Club of the Month" – which, in those days, was an outstanding achievement. Download and read the article below.

In 2008, writers Richard Parks and Jack Stewart wrote an article in HotRodHotLine, which at the time, was considered the 'Worlds Largest Online Rodding Magazine.' The article was about Dick Wells, one of the original founders of the REBELS Auto Club. In addition, Dick Wells himself wrote an article in 'Rod Action' Magazine in December of 1972, outlining how the REBELS Auto Club began. Download and read THAT article below as well.


Membership in the REBELS Auto Club

Today, the REBELS Auto Club is an association of friendly people promoting  the ownership, racing and preservation of original and modified vehicles of all types. Members meet monthly and sponsor frequent club events and cruises. From Garage Scenes to help Members learn techniques, to information on Car Shows where you can display your ride, to participating in major community events - the REBELS Auto Club has a place for you.  

The REBELS are proud to have a special place for Younger Members through the Josh Grimes Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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