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Justifying Membership

Sometimes ones Spouse (or significant other) does not join the REBELS Auto Club because they are too busy, they have no interested in cars or for other reasons. 

Here's the deal - Each year we hold the REBELS Christmas Party. Typically, Members bring their Spouse. For this reason, we have put together a few VERY GOOD reasons why the person you are attending with should Join the REBELS

  • The cost for Membership is $18
  • The cost for the Christmas Party is $14 (for Members)
  • The cost for the Christmas Party is $28 (for Non-Members
  • Bottom line, your companion should always become a Member, because even if they never attend one meeting, you both can attend the Christmas Party for $14 less than if you pay the full Non-Member price of $28. 
  • In effect, that pays for all but $4 of having a Membership in the first place. 

Now, the question becomes: Can you afford the $4? 

See the logic? Make your companion a member today! Click Here