About Our Members

Members include Officers which serve on the Executive Board. Officers include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator and two 'At Large', all of which are elected by the Membership. Elections take place once a year in December, and as a Member you will be notified of an upcoming election. This will give you plenty of time to have the opportunity to volunteer to serve, or to nominate someone to serve. If you nominate someone, we simply ask that you let them know first, to eliminate embarrassment! 

Officer List

All Officers are elected initially for a one year term. Upon re-election however, their term becomes two years. 

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Member List

As Members of The REBELS AUTO CLUB, you have access to this page and any of the Member information listed. Members are categorized in alphabetical order (by last name) for your convenience. 

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Member Showcase

Some Members have provided photos of themselves and their rides.

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If you would like YOUR vehicle's photo(s) on the website, Contact Us Here. In the 'Comment Box' indicate that you would like to have your photos included.  

Click the 'Download' Buttons below to view a .PDF of the 'REBELS Rules of Membership',  Club Bylaws., or the last Executive Board Meeting Minutes. 

To print, Download the document, and then Right Click on it. 

REBELS Rules of Membership 1-1-2009 (pdf)


REBELS By-Laws_11-28-12_Signed (pdf)


2020 April Executive Meeting (pdf)