Are You New To The REBELS?

First, let us say “Welcome ... and Thank You for visiting the website of the REBELS Auto Club.” 

Next, let us introduce you to the Club – if you like good friends, fast cars, and a sense of belonging, we have a place for you. 

And Finally, In this Website, we’ll mostly focus on issues about Club Events, Meetings, and Information. 

One quick way to keep up is to Subscribe to Our eLetter. The eLetter will keep you updated on cars show and many various events that REBELS participate. Hey, why not – it’s FREE! If you don’t like it you can always unsubscribe.


About The REBELS Website

Our Website originally was originally created to have a web presence and appeal to potential and part-time Members. But it has evolved and full-time Members browse it too,  mainly for contacting other Members and to view the Newsletter and Event dates. But we wanted to include resources that appeal to all. 

Oh, and did we mention to Sign Up for Our Newsletter, which is delivered to you electronically. It is also available by snail mail to those that don’t have internet access, but you probably wouldn’t know that if you are reading this!


Legal Stuff

And finally, a word from the our lawyer: We are required to do certain things to keep this site up and running. Not trying to scare you here, but just want to be up front. If you like to spend all your time reading boring legal stuff, you can download it below: 

So, What's Next?

After all that, now you’ll want to dive into our site. Be sure to return from time to time to see what has changed , because sometimes it changes daily! Our Menus are traditional and easy to read. Below is a brief recap of each Page: 

Home Page

This is where you start out when logging on to It also features a 'REBELS Car of the Month' which should change each month!

About Us Page

The ‘About Us’ Menu features a brief history of the REBELS Auto Club and how to become a Member...

Events Page

The ‘Events’ Menu has information about Monthly meetings, our annual Car Show, Swap Meet, SCCA Events etc.

News Page

The ‘News’ Menu has a link to our Current Newsletter in .PDF format, so you can easily print the entire newsletter or just one or two pages. A Calendar of Events is included in each Newsletter. 

When we have Newspaper and other Media Coverage you will find it here. 

Members Page

The Members Menu has a detailed list of Officers and Members, with Phone numbers and Email addresses so you can contact them. It also includes a special ‘Member Showcase’ featuring photos of Members vehicles. And finally, a copy of our By-Laws for quick reference.

Gear Page

The ‘Gear’ Menu is where you can purchase REBELS items like Caps, Shirts, Jackets, etc.

Contact Us Page

The ‘Contact Us’ Menu shows how to contact us and view our information, (phone number etc.). There you can send us and inquiry and find out what you want to know.  You can also Contact One of Our Officers.  

FAQ Page

A place to find quick answers to common questions use the FAQ Page. For questions NOT on the FAQ Page, visit the Contact Us Page instead and send us an inquiry.

Those are the main Pages in our website. Check ‘em all out and Enjoy!